تولة عطر. TOLAT ETR تولة عطر

Top Mid Bottom Gender fruity sweet citrus Men Description fawakeh is Rich in breathtaking flowers, it is a revolution in the heart of stillness, wilderness and beauty in this fragrance to acquire exclusive character added to being distinguish and gives you the pride of Arab hospitality
Creating unique scents is not a hobby for us; it is a passion, a part of us that we reinvent and rejuvenate to meet the needs of the present, shrouded in the offerings of the past

Our fragrances have remained in our family for five generations and are our legacy to the world.

Top Mid Bottom Gender jasmine floral vanilla Unisex Description Full Malaki Incense by surrati was finely made to complete the appropriate fragrant and lend it a special character through containing a range of luxury jasmine and the finest and rarest species of floral
It touches your hidden feelings and changed according to your mood between revolution and stillness in your breath where sweet tell the coolest stories with citrus
Full Malaki


التولة كم جرام
TOLAT ETR تولة عطر