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CLICK HERE TO VIEW STATUS With kind regards, DHL Express ………………………………………………………………………… CONFIDENTIALITY CAUTION: This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and may be confidential in nature In this case, the link shown above will land you on a page with a long address, such aa one with lots of symbols like numbers and random letters, as seen in the below screenshot: Afterward, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password to the DHL service
That link may look like the official URL address of the DHL service but do not get fooled DHL does not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disseminate your personal data to third parties and will not do so in future, unless required by law, unless required for the purpose of the contract or unless you have given explicit consent to do so

Installer setups like those could be set by default to install additional components.

Track your parcel
Such an attachment will also, in most cases, download a malicious payload aiming to infect your computer system
DHL Tracking International
On the other hand, however, an increased workload can also be the reason for longer interim storage of the shipment
Fake DHL Text Message [Update April 2021]
It is also used for sending low value goods up to a maximum weight of two kilograms
Some of these scams related to DHL can be removed by closing the message or browser It provides current status of your parcels directly in your mailbox
It means your package has been exported from from Deutsche Post sorting facility in Shenzhen Airport and is on its way to destination country Since these may vary depending on location of the country of origin of the shipment, please contact the nearest DHL service center to obtain a copy of the local terms and conditions

From the apron of the airport, the shipments are first transported to the Airmail Center in Frankfurt in small vans and then on to the IPZ.

DHL Tracking International
Why visit multiple shipment tracking websites just to get parcel transit or delivery data when you may get everything on one single page - Parcel Monitor
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How to Reset Safari IMPORTANT: Before resetting Safari make sure you back up all your saved passwords within the browser in case you forget them
Another example Dear customer, Your Shipment has just arrived at our Regional Office and ready for delivery today, but we were unable to confirm your delivery address