This is us season 5. This Is Us: 10 Most Shocking Moments From The Season 5 Finale

Nicky arrives on their doorstep In the episode's final group scene, Rebecca admitted to her kids that it's becoming more difficult to visualize Jack with them
Madison fears for the babies after a fall Randall finds himself more able to open up to Malik than to his therapist, telling him the white Pearsons never discussed similar incidents

So Nicky goes to see the sleeping babies.

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Randall attends his first transracial-adoption support-group meeting
This Is Us (season 5)
William feels unable to return home, unaware Laurel unexpectedly revived moments after he left
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During the mandatory waiting period, she visits her ex-boyfriend Marc
I can't get into great detail, but we do have a plan An adoption agency identifies a potential baby for Kate and Toby
Another peek into the future — five years forward — took place with a glimpse at Randall being featured in a magazine story as a "rising star It is also possible to buy "This Is Us - Season 5" as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, FandangoNOW, Redbox

Sally invites Nicky to attend Woodstock with her, and then live as bohemians in California.

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Leigh that he will be switching to a Black therapist, and tells Beth that he is "sad," with everything going on around him, but not breaking down
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A visiting Carol is more accepting than Beth about Tess's romantic relationship with her nonbinary friend Alex
This Is Us (season 5)
That Kevin and Madison are on friendly terms years later and that Randall is a "rising star" in something
Toby tells Kate she is strong enough to handle anything, including the fact that he was laid off earlier that day Marriage problems for Kate and Toby have been telegraphed for a long time, and Toby taking a new job in San Francisco while Kate stays in Los Angeles is clearly the beginning of the end for their relationship
But although Kevin had come to terms with the idea of getting married again, Madison realized that she couldn't push through with the wedding because it's clear that her fiancé doesn't love her

Kevin and Madison play a game his old improv coach taught him.

This Is Us: 10 Most Shocking Moments From The Season 5 Finale
Once Nick and Franny were born, the unusual couple focused on tying the knot which was going to be the big event for the This Is Us season 5 finale
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This Is Us (season 5)
When she discovered Jack taped over it, despite her block letters on the VHS label warning "do not tape over this," she lost her cool