History of 21K Gold Price per Ounce

DateGold Rate in Saudi riyal
Today 5,959.9 SAR
Yesterday 5,942.9 SAR
Sun, 29th Aug 5,963.6 SAR
Sat, 28th Aug 5,963.8 SAR
Fri, 27th Aug 5,968.6 SAR
Thu, 26th Aug 5,882.4 SAR
Wed, 25th Aug 5,876.8 SAR
Tue, 24th Aug 5,919.3 SAR
Mon, 23rd Aug 5,920.7 SAR
Sun, 22nd Aug 5,845.0 SAR
Sat, 21st Aug 5,843.7 SAR
Fri, 20th Aug 5,848.1 SAR
Thu, 19th Aug 5,845.1 SAR
Wed, 18th Aug 5,863.4 SAR
Tue, 17th Aug 5,857.3 SAR
Mon, 16th Aug 5,865.4 SAR
Sun, 15th Aug 5,840.3 SAR


Welcome to the 21k Gold Rates in Saudi Arabia per Oz (21K), and the current price of Ounce gold is available in Saudi riyal in Riyadh (Asia) time (GMT+03:00). Ounce in Saudi Arabia is a standard unit for measuring the precious metals. We are providing the latest rates in the current exchange rate of Saudi riyal (SAR).

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