With Zip Co Shares (Z1P.ASX) falling 5% today, Should I Buy Zippay Shares?

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Z1P shares have rocketed up over the last year up over 250% this year. But the all important questions is, will the price of Zippay shares keep on rocketing?

6 Month Performance of Z1P.ASX up 46%

Impact of Klarna in the US?

It was interesting to note that Klarna a direct competitor of Zippay asx and APT both domestically and in the US announced a business update for Jan-Dec 2020. In this business update they show continued growth in the US market increasing revenue by 37% over the FY2020 vs. FY2019.

Klarna also continues to make headways in the US over the entire Q4 period being the 10th most downloaded shopping app over the black Friday period. So why is this even important for the price of Zippay shares?

The BNPL Sector as a whole?

We believe this shows increased demand for the BNPL sector both domestically and internationally. Z1P is greatly positioned to take advantage of the global BNPL space currently with footprints in over 9 markets.


Zippay HY21 Results

From Zippays HY21 report released to the market on 25th February.

  • Revenue +100% YoY growth across key metrics in HY21
  • QuadPay (US) growing TTV >130% in 4 months since the acquisition and has strong momentum in the US
  • Cashed up following the 176mM capital raise.

As you can see from the below operational highlights, things seem pretty good for Zippay asx.


Prophets Take: Should I Buy Zippay Shares

Whilst we believe there is much competition in the BNPL space, we believe the potential addressable market is massive, being around 22tn. We believe BNPL (Buy-Now Pay-Later) as a sector will continue to grow over the medium to long term.

Prophet is buying shares of Z1P.ASX and will hold for the long term. If we could buy an ETF full of BNPL stocks we would.

We believe Z1P should find support around these levels and start to make a move back upwards in the short to medium term. Check out this article to see how to buy Zippay shares.

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