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In addition to the development of its loyalty program Al Fursan , which provides many advantages to customers, and provided a special guide printed Braille language for their blind customers to guide them on the flight, and continued to modernize its fleet to become the world's first operator of the Airbus A300 - Airbus A330 The passengers can choose their favorite meals in advance while booking their flights, and choose between food patterns suitable for their food habits, such as vegetarian meals, low-fat meals or diabetic meals, as well as regular meals that touch the taste of a variety of people
Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Alliance of Common Code This alliance aims to coordinate the flights of businessman so that two or more airlines participate in the same flight For more info about changing your flight with Saudia with Travelocity, please visit our

If they are in the hospitality class, they will be allowed to carry an additional piece up to 23 kgs for free.

Saudia Airlines Flights
Если вы не привязаны к конкретным числам, при поиске рейсов выберите весь месяц
Saudia Airlines
As of the year 1960, Saudi Airlines has entered the era of jet aviation as the first airline in the Middle East with two Boeing 720 models aircraft
Saudia Airlines Flights
The origin of goes back to April 1945 when U
About Saudi Airlines The Beginning: The nice situations in history can make a breakthrough for major projects! Also, it included "Airbus A320" aircraft and "Boeing Dreamliner", and many other modern models to its fleet of aircraft SV is the IATA code for Saudia
As well as linking air operations management with "FRIARS" system and the maintenance with "MEMIS" system Have you been contemplating organizing that flight to your next vacation destination? These two characters are responsible for many functions, such as air traffic control communications, tickets, tariffs and timetables

This coincided with the developments included the provision of the air fleet with the latest models of aircraft in that period, such as: "Boeing 747" and "Airbus 300" where it was considered as one of the first international airlines that used this developed type of aircraft.

Saudia Airlines Flights
This can change between airports and airlines, so check before you go
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Founded in 1945, Saudi Arabian Airlines — also known as SAUDIA — connects around 95 destinations across the world
If you want, you can also cancel ticket, change flight schedule date and destination, seat change, name correction on ticket, etc