Rosalina תכשיטים. Rosalina

Her side special, , releases a group of Star Bits that are used as projectiles
Rosalina's Final Smash is now a , but otherwise functions the same as in the previous game This is also the first time Rosalina is playable in a Mario platformer

If the player loses a life while wearing the Rosalina costume, the "Too Bad! In Toad Scramble, she can be recruited by players and has the ability to mysteriously crush glowing rocks.

רוזלינה ליידסטר
Luma also has more health and respawns faster
1 סט עניבה למטה עוגן עניבת דאונס עוגני כחול עבור פולאריס RZR 570 900 ZR S 900 800 1000 XP ספורטאי 110 400 450 סדרה
The gown bares the top of her shoulders Powers and abilities Rosalina creates a protective bubble around herself to defend against attacks
Super Mario Galaxy Official Game Guide, page 346 Mario Kart series Mario Kart Wii Profile artwork of Rosalina for Mario Kart Wii Rosalina's first appearance as a playable character, as well as her debut in Mario spin-off installments overall, is in , where she is a Large-sized unlockable character

She is a Cruiser-type character, along with and , and this time, she appears without a accompanying her in the races.

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Her hair is adorned with blue crystals towards the front and she also wears white ballet shoes and white stockings
The young Luma who traversed with Rosalina tells her that her mother is always part of her, and then transforms into a comet that can traverse to Rosalina's home planet
In Mario Kart Tour, she wears a dark purple witch's outfit, complete with a curved pointy hat, for the Halloween Tour