All i want. ALL I WANT

This song helped me heal from this breakup every once in a while I still cry Bc it was love it was real love We were able to empathize with him
We still talked the same and loved each other, and I will always love him Every song has its own story


All I Want by Kodaline
They moved on and found a new friend
Before you continue to YouTube
I never understood why, and for months I would cry almost every day
But after a while,they stopped hanging out with me
According to Garrigan they just wanted something they could take ownership of
Almost everything I do reminds me of them We planned on going to college together and being friends when we are old and married

If they truly loved me as I had loved them, did they feel the tears at night, the saddest memories, the emptiness and loneliness like I do? I met most of his family when we traveled and it was like I finally had a family.

As a kid i grew up thinking this song was about my biological mother
Take my body Take my body All I want is And all I need is To find somebody I'll find somebody Like you, oh
All I Want by Kodaline
I have his full-on trust, it hurts to just have him leave even for a slight minute because I´m afraid of losing him just for anything