Saudi twitter. Saudi Arabia jails alleged satirist ‘identified in Twitter infiltration’

The Department has repeatedly requested the Saudi Arabian government to clarify the status and nature of the Aljabri children's detentions, and will continue to urge their immediate release Al Shugairi has amassed over a whopping 16 million followers on Twitter
Among those people was Abdulrahman Al Sadhan, whose satire Al Ahmed appreciated His current condition and whereabouts are unknown

Now as popular with members of the Saudi ruling family as the public, Twitter is no longer a place where ordinary Saudis feel comfortable speaking freely.

Saudi Dissident Sues Twitter, Says Breach Led to Whistleblower Deaths
It has even arrested and imprisoned Twitter users
Twitter in Saudi Arabia
Bader al-Asaker was to be part of the visit, which was nominally for entrepreneurs
Twitter in Saudi Arabia
He is currently suing Twitter for damages, saying the 2016 breach led to the deaths of his whistleblower sources in Saudi Arabia
He vanished on March 12, 2018, after Saudi state security agents turned up at his office in Riyadh In July 2020, the US accused two Saudi nationals employed by Twitter of hacking accounts critical of the kingdom and passing their personal information to Saudi intelligence
After being confronted by his supervisors at Twitter, Alzabarah acknowledged accessing user data and said he did it out of curiosity, authorities said He was present at the infamous touching of the

Later in 2015, Abouammo departed Twitter for a position at Amazon in Seattle.

American prosecutors: Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on users
We're committed to protecting those who use our service to advocate for equality, individual freedoms, and human rights
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A complaint unsealed in U
10 Most Followed Saudi Twitter Accounts
Email addresses, phone numbers, internet IP addresses, dates of birth and a history of all the users' activity of Saudi dissidents, opponents and others, were among the stolen materials
This involved mobilising a team of social media specialists and establishing an office for their activities at the royal court in Riyadh After a brief honeymoon of unfettered speech, pro-regime trolls and surveillance emerged on the site
The departure of Ali Alzabarah didn't cause a stir in Twitter The government has used different tactics to control speech and keep reformers and others from organizing, including employing troll armies to harass and intimidate users online

The company has since promised tightened procedures and access controls.

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Put another way, a murderous autocratic government abused its close relationship with Twitter to cultivate spies who provided information that then got innocent people thrown in jail
Saudi Arabia recruited Twitter workers to spy on users, feds say
According to Twitter, the number of platform users in Saudi Arabia increased from 11 million in 2019 to 14 million in 2020
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" "The email address and phone number linked to your account was viewed by another account," said the message