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Moving to SSD made an immediate difference to my load times for games and my in-game FPS I must say, I found this an excellent feature
Key features of DCS World 2 Deeper dive: is a solid playlist to learn more about BFM

For example, Su-27s are superb in close-in fights, whereas the F-15C dominates at beyond visual range combat.

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Damn it hurts to stand good comments for BMS
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This Wiki is meant to be a resource for anyone looking for information on the simulations we primarily play, DCS: World and Falcon BMS
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Digital Combat Simulator World DCS World 2
It makes landing on conventional airstrips that much easier for anyone just setting out in their first full fidelity simulation Deeper dive: I found on system specs to be helpful for pointers on hardware, but also on how to optimize the in-game settings for your machine
The aircraft can also add additional fuel tanks and external stores when the environment does not require a full stealth capabilities There are also freeware mods of ground vehicles as well as ships like aircraft carriers and more

When reviewing these products, i.

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Track your in-game performance with from Steam
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The Fighter Pilot Podcast To learn more about fighter jets in general, check out