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Single- window for multiple investments

Sharekhan gets you the benefit of viewing all your investments across all asset-classes in a single window!

Portfolio booster with News & Views

Sharekhan helps you boost your portfolio with intelligent alerts and news as it happens so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity!

Watch your investments grow

Sharekhans power-packed portfolio will help you analyse it with effective tools along with a mirror-view of your investments. Check the entire transaction history the way you want in a single click!

Fast, simple and hassle-free maintenance

Sharekhan believes in making life simple for you. From making a portfolio, creating a watchlist, buying/selling or viewing your daily profit/loss, Sharekhans Portfolio does it for you in just a click!

Sharekhan Portfolio = LIVE + Complete view of your investments

Sharekhan Portfolio not only gives the best summary of your investments but also includes live price/events updates to give a complete view. Every investment made by you is supported by a quick glance into the scrip so that you know the value of your money!

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