Alexander the great. Alexander the Great

He recuperated in Maracanda Samarkand Unsuccessful plan to cut a canal through the isthmus writes that Alexander wanted to dig through the Mimas mountain in today's area , but didn't succeed
Director Tyson Brown, National Geographic Society Author National Geographic Society Production Managers Gina Borgia, National Geographic Society Jeanna Sullivan, National Geographic Society Program Specialists Sarah Appleton, National Geographic Society Margot Willis, National Geographic Society Last Updated Feb At the coast, where Pasni is now, Alexander had his troops dig wells as a source of water for ship traversing the coast

Alexander assembled an allied Greek army of 5,000 cavalry and 32,000 infantry to avenge the Persian invasion of Greece in 490 B.

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He had great tactical skills and these were decisive
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The exact date is not known, but probably either 20 or 26 July
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Even so, after a fierce battle in a raging thunderstorm, Porus was defeated
He spent most of his reign on a military campaign through northeast Africa and southwestern Asia After the march of about 600 miles from the Indus there must have been considerable remorse among the Macedonians that they had torched the city after a drunken orgy the last time they were there
He was also prepared to take big risks, lead charges and go into battle with his men Alexander worked with Buchephalus, always keeping him facing the sun so he would not be startled by the sight of his shadow

Following the conquests of Alexander the Great in the east, was far-ranging.

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The dream was passed onto Alexander, partly via his mother Olympias, according to Abernethy
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Macedon in Alexander's absence When Alexander set out for Asia, he left his general , an experienced military and political leader and part of Philip II's "Old Guard", in charge of Macedon
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According to Diodorus, Alexander's last plans called for military expansion into the southern and western Mediterranean, monumental constructions, and the intermixing of Eastern and Western populations